We will make Yuzengaku Welcome Board in the world in full order.
It is also very pleased as a gift for a single thing for each important person's anniversary and celebration.

Kana Kyodu

Dye writer Introduction of Kana Kyodu

I studied Japanese painting at the Department of Fine Arts of Kinjo Junior College and acquired a teaching license.
While studying abroad, she joined Kaga Yuzen artist as an apprentice and became independent after 16 years of training.
"Kananchi" opened.
I am active as a dyeing writer of designs and colors not caught by Kaga Yuzen.
It is unusual for Yuzen writers to do all of Yuzen's entire process, and at the store we also have various classrooms etc.

Work introduction

Welcome board
「Wedding cake」

80,000 yen (four)

It is a wedding cake full of fruits.
Happy plenty.
Heart petals are also dancing and dancing.
When changing your name, date attachment message 【Option】 Please insert a name, date, add message.

Welcome board
「sound of bell」

90,000 yen (large clothes)

Anyway, it is a welcome board full of happiness.
Happiness is overflowing.
When changing your name, date attachment message 【Option】 Please insert a name, date, add message.


70,000 yen (Large paper)

The stork carries happiness in the city of the night and is flying.
Happy happens to everyone.

Waiting for spring

20,000 yen (inch)

I dyed the bird waiting for spring in the snow.
It is almost spring.


50,000 yen (Large paper)

It is a dye of sweet swan.
It is romantic.


60,000 yen (four)

Dyeing pretty flowers with themes of human life.
It is said that life will continue even if it comes to life, even if it becomes a different form.
The cloth has embroidered ground pattern.


50,000 yen (half cut)

Snowy crystals falling quietly in a dark night.
Everyone is beautiful in different forms.


20,000 yen (inches)

Kawarahiwa who found in Kawahara.
It is a reunion with plum for the first time in a year.


20,000 yen (inches)

It is a colorful work surrounded by soap bubbles.
It is a work that can be gentle feeling just by looking.

Newly built celebration

90,000 yen (four)

A pet appeared as a flower fairy.
Your wishes are put on like a bright and healthy home.

Sea flower

60,000 yen (A3)

A flower bloomed with colorful jellyfish blooming in the ocean.
Everyone is dancing happily and beautiful flowers are blooming.

Yuzen dyeing parasol

90,000 yen

I dyed it with a yuzen dyed in a parasol of cloth.
You can use it as a parasol, but just by opening the pattern to change the pattern of the interior of the room, You can decorate like forehead.


60,000 yen (four)

I drew a flower garden blooming in my head.
It is a world of dreams.

Autumn color

20,000 yen (inches)

The colorful autumn leaves are in good hands and they are holding hands.
Every child is beautiful.
The cloth has embroidered ground pattern.


20,000 yen (inches)

I tried to make specimens of imaginary butterflies.


60,000 yen (grand prix)

Although it is a flower of Kobushi, when you look closely it is a person’s finger.
It is called “Kobushi” from a fruit like a man holding a fist.
It was as if a cob sheep lived like a man and dyed a beautiful blooming figure.

First festival “Flower car”


Kananchi original character’s cat is transforming into inner girls and dolls and carrying beautiful flower cars.
Peach and rape blossoms of flowers of Hinamatsuri, and birth of children It is a lively work with flowers blooming.
When changing birth flowers please add an arrange order.

Welcome Board “Towards Happiness”

90,000yen (large clothes)

Two people departing to a new happiness while drawing a marriage march are drawn. When changing zodiac animals, 【Option】 When adding an arrangement order, name, message, [Option] Please put your name, date, add message.

Voice of customers you used


I asked for a wedding welcome board. I am very pleased that you made a beautiful welcome board of Yuzen taste to suit kimono. My friend who came was also surprised and I got the best wedding ceremony.


I ordered my mother's birthday present. First of all, I was surprised at the high quality! It is outstanding presence in the house with vivid color. I want to see it all the time.


I bought it for a gift for my child. Request by being able to draw animals too! There is cuteness even in high artistic quality, so I would like to order even another animal this time.

Yuzen dyeing production process
(custom-made work)

Kaga Yuzen is made up of many processes, and it is usual for craftsmen to be in each process, but Konatsu is in charge of all of its processes at Kotsu.

1. Designing a design

We will prepare a sketch according to customer's request. Please tell the purpose, such as welcome board and newly built celebration, nominal amount, present, 〇〇 memorial, 〇〇 celebration. From that point, I will tell you the image of the customer. Please tell me your favorite flowers and animals, hobbies and favorite colors, common points etc, such as sentences, names, dates etc you wish to include according to purpose. It will make your image easier to understand. We draw all handwritten, so we can propose various original designs.

2. Underlay

Put the drawing on the bottom of the white fabric and draw a thin line with the brush using the flower juice of blue flower with the brush.

3. Thread glue placement

Pull the glue along the line of the drawing while squeezing out the glue from the cylinder. By saying cylinder drawing, by drawing a pattern while squeezing out the glue from the cylinder, this plays a role of preventing contamination and mixing with other colors.

4. Placeholder

In order to make dye penetration easy, draw a soybean juice called bean juice on the dough.

5. Coloring

Although it colors colors of traditional colors such as Kaga Ogasa, I will paint inside the paste with color glue not caught by Kaga Yuzen. Use various brushes and brush to paint while adding a blur. To paint while drying with an electric heater, quickness and delicacy are required.

6. Semi-buried

I will fill the pattern with soft glue made from glutinous rice so that the ground color does not stick to the colored part.

7. Land Drop

We will color parts other than the pattern. It is greatly affected by humidity and the force of the brush, and requires advanced technology.

8. Steaming

Steam with the steam to fix the dyestuff in the dough.

9. Washing

Drop over time such as blue flowers and thread glue, underfilled with flowing water with stable water temperature and water quality, and glue that has been buried inside.

10. Finishing

After washing with water, drying it is completed with framing suitable for the work.

About plus fee for custom-made due to design composition fee, designation or change of color

From the design to completion Complete order made

The price for each size of picture frame is different.

Arrange from the existing designs and order fee plus

fee plus fee 10,000 yen

To add a name, date, message

Price, plus fee of 5,000 yen

As it is,Regardless of the presence or absence of stock, changing the color of the coloring, in the case of a new order order with color designation

Plus Price 5,000 yen

With the addition of a work with a design without stock, if you leave all colors

plus fee 0 yen

※ The fee will be changed somewhat depending on the size of the dyed fabric, the fine details of the design, de licacy, picture frame.

Guide of the store

Kananchi opened ♪
Coffee, classroom, homemade sundries and a variety of shops you can enjoy ☆
Thank you in the future!
Shopkeeper: Konitsu Kana



929 - 0112 Ishikawa Prefecture Nomi City
Fukushima Town 2-3

A coffee shop

Opening Hours: 10: 00-17: 00
Closed Friday: Monday


Reservation system
There is no regular holiday.
Please inquire about your favorite date and time.